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Free Responsive Website

Reserve A Domain

First thing first, We need to secure an appropraite domain name for you.

There are cheap domains available in the market.

We will work with you and the vendor to get a bargain for a domain name for as cheap as $1

Design A Website

We will design a new website for you for absolutely no cost to be paid to us.

In return we request you to donate to a local charity of your choice.

Simple as that !

Free Web Hosting

We are currently negotiating with various vendors for cheap hosting options for small businesses.

We can also make use of free hosting options available in the market. This website is hosted on a free server. Thanks to

Try this free service and get a web design from us.

Why Choose Us

We are here to help individuals and small businesses to have a web presence on a very low budget.

The only cost involved is buying a domain name.

Why Free? - we want to provide IT students to gain experience on live projects

with support & guidence from senior designers It is voluneering service

If you want everything absolutely free, we can help you with that too.

Call us now at +64 21 1050 212 to discuss your options.


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